Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Busy AS A bee!!!

My Goodness, is it me or does this Holiday season seem to be coming up VERY quickly..

This a weekend i was busy getting christmas things out, so i can decorate after Thanksgiving,
Shopping for my Glitz and Glam Blog Swap Gift, and enjoying some good ol' family time..

Sunday the Hubs taught me how to drive AND operate the tracter, let me tell ya. I was doing great until a tree came and gashed my foot, ok, so it wasnt like blood squirting everywhere just a little scrap and brusing going on there. Im dramtic sorry ha..

Then after the morning Tractor lesson, me and my sister headed to a town close to use to spend some
time together. I LOVE getting to hang out with my sister, she truly IS my best friend, yall check her out on her blog. She is getting pretty good at it, maybe even follow her?? we will work more on both our blogs this friday while we are doing Thanksgiving with our small little family, which constis of
Me, Mom, Nawnaw, My Son, Hubs and Sister. My Aunt and Uncle never come well because, there not very family oriented if u catch my drift?

WORK has been so so busy, everyone wanting to drop off there clothes and pick them up before the hoilidays..DO U PEOPLE NOT KNOW WHAT WASHING AND IRONING ARE. geezz...
pain.in.amy.ass. (that was suppose to be my..but i liked "amy" instead lol)

OH who is shopping on Black Friday? im still debating if i want to beat the shit out of people for the things i want  to fight the crowd, although, i may just hit up The good ol' Walmart, since they open @ 10, then maybe head to like Tarjay or something..who knows. BUT we want a kinect at the Willingham Household..

Ill get back with u lovely ladies tomorrow or thursday, i need to show u my goodies i have been making, Thank u Pinterst.. im a little obsessed!!