Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thristy Thursday

Hey Dolls--

Its Thursday and I'm thirsty for some wine, i plan on having my honey pick me up some wine,
 make some leftover Hash (its a Texas thing, i think?) with the Pork tenderloin i made last night.
Sister pants came over last night and stayed the night, remember this lovely Girl? Go check her out
love my sister pants
here is us at my "23" Bday Party...or was it 24?? OK whose counting anyways.

singing Karaoke, and getting our drink on..later that night Emiley had a rough night..Poor Smalls. bahaha.

Well we stayed up late, watching Beavis and Butthead, (hubby attended) and drank a few vodka and oj's.
Have y'all watched Beavis and Butthead? It's funny same scenario where there f'ing shiz up, and making fun of videos/tv shows, which include, Teen Mom and Jersey Shore, very funny those two.

Also this weekend i may get to go to Shayna's BDAY party..I'm hoping i get too, its all up to my sitter now. Me and her have become pretty close, texting hear and there, and teaching her how to do a few things hear on Blogger, she's super sweet and has some mad cooking skills in the microwave...u should see her Fajita post..

I'm hoping Saturday afternoon, and all day Sunday, ill get alot of productive stuff done around the house that need to be done.
here are just a few things to be done. BEFORE Thanksgiving at our place. (WHICH IS NEXT WEEK!!! AHH!!! bring on the stuffing)

1. ORGAINZIE the spare room, it has a bunch of my craft stuff, christmas things and shit that just needs to leave my house immeditaly.

2. clean clean CLEAN!! everything, base boards, walls, dishes, sheets, cabinets, u name it needs to be done!!

3. Laundry

4. clean the yard up

5. give away some of slaydes toys he doesnt NEED anymore, much less all them, christmas is right around the he will have something to play with soon.

6. im sure ill add more to my list as the week goes by, which isnt but one more day.

I hope everyone emjoys a nice glass of wine...or whatever u perfer ur drink to be.
make it be a good one..

Stay Thristy my Friends, and CHEERS.