Tuesday, December 6, 2011


So when the crazies were out on Black Friday

MOI. was home doing my online thing and
thought i would spurgle but who would pass up

and i had the extra cash.

so i found this awesome lepard print which i needed badly in my closet.

sooo EXCITED to wear this.
what ya think?

so here is this over light jacket i got,
down below u can see the details.

so cute right? i didnt realize the great detail
cause i had three one glasses of wine ;) 

here are one pair of shoes i got.
please excuse the lingering bread..

and the other pair i have been needing a pair of these
in my closet for awhile!!
finally got them with my great deal.

yes another, but the first one isnt as bright and bold
as this one..

&& this lovely balck and white floral
pattern dress (forgot to get close up) 
wear my grey shoes and some cute
colored tights, ya think? 

here is some of the detail with the
sqaure out in the front, in
the back its a little more open.
and u can see the pattern too ;)

and this lovely gold and black square ring..
i thought it would look great with the bold lepard

So what do yall think of the purchases?? did i do good.

which is ur favorite?

go shop!!