Sunday, December 4, 2011

Would u like some Wine and Cheese, Dolls?

SoOoOOooo last year.

I put on my very 1st Wine and Cheese Tasting Party,
and threw in a little Chinese Christmas in the mix just for giggles.

I am Proud to say that i will be putting on my
2nd Annual Wine and Cheese Party
and its in two weeks. VERY
Last yea i have a great turnout..
here are some photos of the night.

see how excited i was to recieve my new shampoo and conditnior.. WOW
major cheeseing it.

katie looks thrilled doesnt she.

Mollie already getting one eyed..

the get up...this year will o so different i know, but hey it was my first one.

see the lady in the purple.. she was ready to get the party started.

LOVE Joanne..sweet sweet lady

me and my other half, Katie aka K3

dirty minds game..this was fought over

sexy kissy face

bathroom photo op?

thanks for whoever brought this. we finished it that night i believe

Well there u have it.

This year, my W & C Party will be held on
December 17. IM very excited to see how
it willl turn out this year..
i cant wait to eat cheese, drink wine, and be merry

see u monday. i have more to tell about my crazy week..