Thursday, January 12, 2012

Anyone wanna see my new Car?

Soo, recently we have been on the market for a car, but we didn't
know the opportunity would come so quickly..

Well when mom passed away. She still had her vehicle
Well.. Mom has had this vehicle for over a year, and its MAJOR
UPGRADE from my 2003 Pontiac Vibe

You see Mom said ALL the time I'm Getting a Hummer if its the last thing i do..
Well...she got one..and now i have her's
(my sister already got a brand new mustang from her dad so, NO I'm not a greedy little bitch ;))

and YES THAT IS PINK on the tires..
That was Moms doing she was a little obsessed with Pink, so needless to say
this is my new ride.
It has leather seats, onstar, xm(for awhile)
TVs on the back on the passenger and driver seat.
Id say I'm pretty pump to be sporting this thing around town.

What u girls think?

You love it or what?
I know i do, ill always have a little piece of my mom
cruising around with me jamming to our favorite music.
Miss ya Mom..
Oh and here is a little video of my husband last night
(i got a new IPhone 4 (upgrade again) and he was being silly)

Silly man. he would freak if he knew it was on here.