Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Look into my Life....

So yesterday i stayed home..i live out in BFE..in case Ur new to this Blog.
I have no Internet or laptop...ITS a work in progress..
Until then i blog at my Nawnaw's house..

This morning when i came into town i checked my email and i received this..

(Now, im not for sure if Raven was inviting me to come down with Linds to see her,
but im pretty sure she is wanting me to Blog more) ;) tehee

I just love Raven, she is very real, funny, confident, family oriented, beautiful..
OK i could so go on with this girl. IF u haven't checked her out you should...
U will wish she was your Best Bitch.

SO when i received this i knew i needed to get my butt in gear.

I must be better blogger. i have so many funny stories, bad stories, happy stories i could share.

until then ill let u take a peek into my life first.

This is my Hubs, Son (Slayde) and my Mother (you can read about her here and here)

i loved my hair that night what can u say!! ;)

YES, this is my husband..he decided to wear a wig that day..bahaha

The Bakers Motel
Its supposedly haunted..
One day I'm gonna go on a ghost hunt with some girlfriends..wonder how long we'll last?

here are my good friends Jessica and Megan(love her)

Tash Court, and Moi
 me and my lovely gay Chase..love this guy so much

my second Momma!!! love u Darc

my good friend Renee and Moi

Meg, Moi and Sam(gosh i love her)

My Son (Slayde) totally digging his new Tractor Flashlight

My dear Friends and sisetrs Mollie and Hillary

AHHH Slaydes Scary Face

So is jsut a few things u can get to know me by.
1. I have a crazy Hubs
2. i enjoy all my friends
3. My son is way too silly..

Also here are a few things to look forward torwards on the ol' bloggy

A look into my Closet/House


25 Fun Facts of your favorite bloggers (work in progress)