Saturday, January 7, 2012

Forgive me for Im VERY OCD

Hey there LOVERS. Things lately have been good,
Me and Sisterpants have been getting things wrapped up for all
our moms finaces and stuff. This week started off VERY intense,
shitty, i miss mom more more each day but, im learning to cope and find peace.
BUT its hard..


So a good friend of mine Ashley came down this week
(me and ash @ my bachlorette party April her wig isnt real. ;))
to see me and her family that live here
So Tuesday she comes over i make her dinner.
What was on the menu you ask?

Fried Pork Chops.
Creamed Mash Taters.
Mac n Cheese.
&& Homemade Gravy.

LET me tell u it was the best, but anyhoo, this isnt the whole moral of the story.
So as im cooking she starts noticing little things i do.
I start cleaning as i go.
I CANT STAND  a messy kitchen, so i ALWAYS clean as i go.

then she notices, as the boys are playing IM CLEANING THE ROOM
as there destroying it.
i swear it kills me to see something outta place. i like get really bad aniexty
its strange, call me a freak but thats cool...

another one.
my closet. its color coded.
and it goes from spagehtti straps to long sleeve, IN color order.
as is my son's closet.

i have many more strange habits but ill save those for my upcoming
25 facts u didnt know about me.

You see, i get this from my mom..
My mother would come up behind u take ur cup and wash it before you even
knew what happened.
I tend to catch myself doing this all the time.

I enjoy cleaning. WEIRD.
It puts me in this zen mood,
i relax, think about things, sing, think about what blog post im doing next.

Normally on a reg day, ill still be up at 7 or 8 doing laundry
while my husband is begging me to take a breather and relax.

Lets just say....
 I HATE a messy house.
so i get the job done..and DO it right.

well looks like i have some house chores to do...