Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Guest Post: Kristine @ The Foley Fam

Hey Guys I REALLY hope u guys are Enjoying the 25 FUN FACTS

tomorrow is going to be...DRUM ROLL PLEASE...
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I really cant wait to see what she pulls outta her ass..
truly tho. she is hilarious and so so sweet.


Hello lovelies!!! I'm Kristine!
Rockin my no make up, undereye circles! Don't be hatin (wink)
Wifey to the Hubs, Momma to our M&M girls, and Lover of Life and Laughing! I blog over at The Foley Fam - Unedited.
I blog about {us}. The Good, the Bad, & sometimes the Dirty. You’ll also find
some crafting, my fashion style, and all the bits and pieces that make
me {me}. I can be a wee bit sarcastic, but try not to take offense
mmmkay? I also run my Etsy shoppe! I specialize in custom hair pretties. I offer an eclectic mix of handmade goodness to women and sprouts.
I was so thrilled when Amy asked me to join in on this fun event! Then as I sat down to write my 25 fun facts about myself, my mind turned into a complete blank! Hope you enjoy my random happy list!

1. My baby daddy and I have been together for 12 years, and got married after a decade together #procrastinators
Nate's Junior Prom - May 2000
2. I could live on chips and salsa. Oh and Pepper aka Dr. Pepper to wash it all down #yummyyummyinmytummy
3. For as long as I can remember I've wanted to have enough kids to have our own football team #19andcountinghasnothingonus
4. I can't stand spicy food, hot Cheetos even kick my trash #wishicould
5. Party planning is one of my passions #allinthedetails
Magpie's first Birthday Circus Party - Photo Credit GladyAnnePhotography
 6. I wear make up approx two months out of the whole year, and that's rounding up #ineedtomaketime
7. Boob job after I pop out all 22 of our kids #whoamikiddingiwantthemdonenow
8. Will take the heat over the cold any day #beachbunnynotasnowbunny
Daytona Beach 2010
9. My hair is naturally "wavy" #wavyforme=nofun
10. I'll be 28 next month! #latetwenties??
11. I'm a lightweight, one drink and I get "hot" all over and want to dance on tables #cheapdate
12. I only have ONE semester of clinicals to finish my nursing degree #ratherspendmydayswithmybabies
13. I like hotdogs AND burgers #thetruth
14. I'm a middle child #anyoneelsesufferfromthisha!
My little sis, big bro, and me
15. I'm 4 foot 11inches #almostalegalmidget
16. I LOVE playing with paper and glue #traditionalscrapbookerforlife
17. My nickname is Chin #mybrocalledmethatsincebirth
18. Love traveling! We've been to Hawaii, Bermuda, and the Bahamas in the last few years. #wannabeworldtravelers
Bermuda Cruise for our Honeymoon
19. Cruising is my favorite way to vacay! #myhumbleopinion
20. I am a Packer fan #GreenBay4Life
2011 Superbowl Champs
21. If there's music, you can bet I'll be dancing and singing along #that'sjusthowiroll
22. My four front top teeth are fake from falling from the top of a pyramid when I cheered in High School #epicfail
23. Has gone to the carwash for a day date before #uberromanticcoupleoftheyear
April 2011
24. Truly believes you get what you give #givegoodpeeps
25. Trying to enjoy this season of our life right now as a family of four
And there you have it peeps! I would love it if you stopped by our little place on the web, be sure to leave a comment, because I would love to follow your adventures too!! Thanks to my lova Amy for having me today! And for making me reach deep down and find 25 things about myself (wink wink). You should try it and leave your link in the comments so I can read your randoms! XOXO