Thursday, January 26, 2012

Guest post: Raven @ A Momma's Desires and Pacifiers

Hey you fabulous Tales of a Small Town Girl readers! I am honored to be here today to reveal 25 things about me. Things that you may or may not already know. But let's just start from the obvious, shall we?

My name is Raven and I blog over at A Momma's Desires and Pacifiers.

The most important thing to know about me is:

1. I love wine.

We really don't even need to carry on with the other 24 random facts but since this a series titled "25 Things about me," I guess I shall keep it going...

2. I love my boys. My two little boys and my one big boy.

{the littles}

{the big}

3. I absolutely hate to cook.

4. I hate to clean even more.

5. I dream of the day I can have a full-time maid and chef.

6. I already dream of the day I can eat as many double stuff oreos as I want and not gain a single ounce.

7. I have the most horrific singing voice.

8. My favorite place in the world is here:

{Kauai, Hawaii}

9. I am a definite conservative, but

10. I tend to raise my children in a liberal-ish way.

11. I have called into the Dr. Laura show twice.

12. And both times she railed me across the coals. She is such a bitch but I love her.

13. I do not allow my kids to watch Spongebob Squarepants. Ever.

14. I ran over our 15 year old dalmatian and even though it wasn't the direct cause of his death, I have a sinking feeling that it contributed to it. (Sad face.)

15. I hate cats.

16. I hate cats so greatly that I figured it deserved two strong points. (Seriously though, I hate cats.)

17. I worship Britney Spears.

18. We are best friends.

19. I think crafting is as fun as watching paint dry. Why DIY when you can just buy it already done?

20. I use an obscene amount of toilet paper. I always want to make sure that I "get it all." This sometimes results in overflown toilets.

21. That was really embarrassing to admit.

22. I had a boob job.

23. I could sleep my life away. I have trained my kids to sleep in til at least 8:30. If they wake up any earlier, I go in their room and tell them that "it's still nighttime and you need to go back to bed."

24. I love blogging. I have met so many amazing people though is. (Like you Amy!)

25. This is the last fact about me.

Thanks again Miss Amy for having me participate in this awesome series! You know I love ya girl!