Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Why i started blogging....

The honest reason,
i was planning my wedding and decided,
what the hell,
 Why not Blog about the experience i had into planning it and putting it together?
(My first post was here in feb, yay!! a whole year blogging!)
So i did, then it turned into, blogging about my life, son, and all
things i loved.
I find it easier to blog about life and things i enjoy.
then one specfic subject constantly plus, that gets a little boring..

Then i started finding more and more blogs that i loved, and that inspired me to become
better blogger then EVER! (even though i have been slacking!)

im trying to get better and get into the groovy of it all.
we still dont have internet in BFE were i live yet.
soon we will!! im very excited for all the new things that i will be blogging about

my crazy plant obsession
potty training..

i bought me a planner so i can plan my days out better!

love all!!