Wednesday, April 18, 2012

U might be a redneck if...

Your husband claims he is going to trap WILD hogs and fatten them up
then sale them?

is he serious?

well yes yes he is.

He and his other accomplice,
think they are.

I asked what is the need for this?
 He claims its good money, and he is slowly getting rid
of them.

I'm sure that's going to happen, mother wild hogs can produce up to 15 in one liter.
Ur not helping it, but thanks for trying.
I love the fact that we may have a bunch of hog meat if the end is really near.

at least we wont go hungry?

well, they did trap some in the hog trap a couple nights and ago,
They just shot the babies, and mothers and then left them there!!
I'm like WTH!!! I knew they wouldn't follow through just yet..

but we will see, ill keep u posted on this adventure and more details
as they come my way...

but from what happened a few days ago
I'm thinking the mission is a MAJOR fail..

Who wouldn't want Wild Hogs as pets??