Wednesday, May 30, 2012

it has seriously been awhile...

Hi Ladies!!
How have y'all been?
Well as for me i have been kinda living in a depression for the last couple weeks.
I have literally been missing my mother for quite sometime now, WE ALL know this, 
but this past few weeks have been the WORST.

Luckily i have great friends and family to help me, i also have decided to look into 
talking to someone about my struggle i am having. 

Enough about that, here about a few other things i'm looking forward too.

This lovely lady, Lindsey
The Bargain Blonde

has asked MOI, to Host a Stella and Dot Trunk show, i couldn't be EVEN MORE excited 
about my FIRST blogger date, and too mingle with all my girls and look at all the lovely Jewels..

i don't think June 21 could get here any faster.

We also spent the Memorial Weekend at the lake here in my neck of the woods..
We stayed at a friends lake house, and lets just say we had a BLAST!!
except for me being super sunburned. 
I ALWAYS use sunblock but this time i decided to lay out and catch a few rays on my 
pale ass, but its TOTES back fired on me...
wanna see?

i was only out in the sun for twenty minutes TOPS.
then BAM. 
i was like a lobster..needless to say i wore sunblock the next couple days.
BUT  it didn't help the pain and suffering i was in..

This is Emma Jo and My sweet Slayde.
 Me and her Momma already have their wedding planned ;)

Having fun with the bubbles!

isn't that the cutest little fisherman u ever seen?

i think he enjoyed the water more then his momma!!

I'd say my life is starting to look up, 
i just need to focus on the positive and live EVERYDAY 
to the fullest capacity i can!!

Keep me in your prayers 


Love always,