Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How to get into the Groove

So as i stare at this blank page, trying to decided on what to blog about.
I sometimes think I'm too boring or bland.. 

I mean nothing really fun happens to me.

I live in a small town, not too mention WAAAY out in the country.

When i read other peoples blog's i think 
They are WAY better then me. So then i think maybe i should just give up.

on Raven's blog today she posted this Video of this man

TRULY inspired me..
If this man can walk again..
I CAN be a great blogger, i need to take time to make post,
and write about things in my life i enjoy most about..

When Slayde says he cant, Me and Rust always
make sure to reassure Slayde that HE CAN!

So here from now on..
ill strive to be the best, my goal before the Summer is over to have over 100 followers.
if this happens i will host a giveaway!
I PLAN on making this happen whether i have to pre set my
post or whatever it is i need to do i will strive to be the best blogger i can be!