Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Finding my niche and i had a BLATE!

So a couple weeks ago i got to meet this lovely lady.

yesh that is THE ONE AND ONLY. Lindz aka The Bargain Blonde
She was the sweetest ever! not only was she gorgeous, but her hair was so long and blonde!
love her..i will be coming to ur house for some good foods!! Slumber party maybe?!?!

So, on to my first topic!

Its no lie, that my "follow count is low"
Does this upset me? No, i have had this blog a little over a year now, i believe i started my first post in Feb of 2011. I first started blogging about my wedding
then i just started blogging about whatever

Sometimes i stare at this at the blank post were i trying to think of something to talk about, or type about that will spark interest in someone reading, commenting, or following.
So i just write how i feel, or what im feeling that day.

Its hard in this blog world, there are ALOT of Blog Snobs, and people who will un follow u because u lack in posting. which is SO lame, but whatever!!

i have managed to find some great followers and hopefully some IRL Friends!

From now on ill be blogging from the heart to whatever i feel that day. IF noone likes it or unfollows me i will totes call u out as a blog snob. NoBODy wants to be one of those.

Thanks to all my followers who have stuck by me, and havent given up! i promise i will be finding a niche soon, maybe just a lifestyle blog?  it seems legit right? ;)