Tuesday, July 10, 2012

just a little rambling..

So how was every one's weekend?
well it went GREAT.
I finally dragged a few of my friends out to see
Magic Mike
Magic Mike!
i literally had dreams that night, that Channing Tatum whisked me off, to a land
FAR FAR away from here.

but all in all it was great and boy does that Channing have some moves..
just wow.

me and Lydia excited to see Magic Mike.

Saturday day/night i just cleaned and then while washing dishes, 
one of my plates decides to break and literally slices my wrist open, 
literally to the vein. My husband had just left to pick up our son 
from my sister's house. I immediately, grabbed a towel and push pressure on it, 
i JUST KNEW, i was going to die...thank goodness it was just only INCHES away from my vein.

So hubs teased me all day saying " oh i better treat u better or u will cut urself again."

"better not let amy close to the knives she will cut herself."
 oh yeah? hubs. this is what karma is for teasing me all day.

(He is so gonna kill me MUAHAHAHAH)'
Isn't that just pure sexiness? 
he thought just maybe it might fit.

i also bought some mustaches!!
like my James dean inspired hair?

(my drink is- vodka, club soda, splash of lime, with frozen strawberries! DELISH!)

Saturday night, a friend of mine and her hubs came over.
So i totes knew that it was beauty shop time. no kids, equals LOADS of Girly time
So i did her hair and makeup, (mine was already done)
and damn, we were some hot looking bitches. we needed to be out and about NOT home.


There's Sam she went cray cray on my phone with loads of photos of herself.
im, not saying i didnt jump on the band wagon too..

who knows. but i love her pink bra! everything matches. ;)

Sam and Me

had to get one outside to show my hair and makeup!

my current look of my bedside table..
i finally got me some new sunglasses, mine had either been stolen (sammie)
or broken, or just plain ol lost!
so i have now neon green, pink and some multi color ones!

i hope u enjoyed my weekend ramble..

ALSO, i wanna ask my bloggers. 

what would u like to most hear about on my blog?
what do u like to read about?
anything u like to see new on my blog?
give me any ideas im open, to anything!!

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