Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Almost a year gone..

Friday will be your Birthday, you would be turning 51 on that day. Not a day
goes by i wish you were here with me.
As the days go by and months pass, i still wish i could hear
your voice, or the smell of your burnt tanned skinned after u have been tanning in
the tanning bed.
I wish i could come see u and have our weekly family dinners,
and our monthly weekly trips to the mall.
My heart cries for u everyday..
I see my son, and see how much ur missing. Then I remind myself you
already see it all, you see him when i cant, while he is at school or a friends house.
 You watch over him for me when i can't..
Your missed everday, i wish there was a stairway to heaven..
I would come see u everyday..we all know thats not possible.
atleast the memories and photos are there, but sometimes its not even enough..
sometimes i get mad at the Big man up stairs and ask him WHY!
why couldnt a miracle happen.. its happens EVERYDAY to people.
Why must u have choosen her..
why not the drug dealer down the road?
or the rapist who has been on the run?
or what about the all the killers?
I often ask myself these things but, think to myself.
He NEEDED my mom, he needed her there because of her strength and love for others.
i needed her too, tho.
more then she will know.

 once again CANCER SUCKS!!!!!!!
I miss u mom. with all my love-
your daughter
Amy Lee