Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Writer's Funk..and Looking for a new blog design

Hey Gals!!

Its been awhile, I know. Im going to try and catch up on everyones blog. I have a feeling I have missed on some pretty amazing stories.

I also need to start blogging more, I have too admit I have been in writer's block..

I will just sit here and stare at the blinking little line.. wondering what I should type about.

So I ask my blog followers

What would you like to see on the blog?

Also, I am looking for a new blog design. Does any of you girls have any recomendations? That are fairly cheap?

Also, I'm getting ready to host another one of the "25 Fun Facts About Me" Last time I did this it was super fun and you learn so many fun facts about your favorite Bloggers. I got the idea from the Celeb Gossip Mag- Us Weekly, BUT they ask Celebs..

So let me know girls, what do u do when ur in a writer's block?