Thursday, February 14, 2013

Confess Sess...

Yes, ladies it is that time again. So lets not keep you girl's waiting..


I Confess- I literally have not dusted in like two weeks, which is NOT normal. Normally my house is clean like spic and span clean..dont get me wrong my house is clean, but, the dust my gosh..


I Confess- I haven't cut my hair since September. Im just as much in shock as you are. Normally Im a 6 weeks type of girl.. Guess that should be on the agenda for next week?


I Confess- I did eat a whole bag of sour patch kids..yes thats right..a WHOLE bag. It seemed like devoured that bag in about 2.5 seconds..I could be wrong thought.


I Confess- I have been watching BuckWild on GOSH. I wonder if everyone thinks ALLLLL southerns are like that..then I think to myself. WE DID act like that during/after High School.

Has anyone else watched this? One episode "Shain Gandee, AKA- Gandee Candy" rented a HUGE dump truck, they ended up put matteresses in the truck found a tarp big enough to fit this truck.

BAM a redneck pool. These fools were jumping off the roof into this "dump truck pool". I was thinking did this really happen. He REALLY made a pool out of a dump truck...AMAZED.

I Confess- My sons room has also NOT been cleaned in weeks. I literally have given up on cleaning his room. Well I really dont clean his room. We both do, I encourage him to help me clean so he can have some responsiblity..

Minutes later after it is clean..It's DESTORYED. Like T-Rex came through the jungle and destoryed everything in his path...sigh.

So the only time I clean it, is if we have guest or if I just have a wild hair up my ass.