Thursday, February 7, 2013

February Goals

I have been seeing everyone on blogger lately, posting their "February Goals". Welp, I'm jumping on the bandwagon too.

I'm going to list five goals for me this month, as the months pass ill gradually go up more for my "goals of the month"

GO RUN! Start my morning off running, I loved to run when I was in High School, but over the years I have literally ran a totally of ten times..SMH I'm hoping I can get at least three runs during the week and one on the weekend. We'll see....


To do at least one creative DIY project during the week.

Come on Amy, its just one hard can that be. Does me making my own sugar lip scrub last night, count for this week??


Host a Brunch at my house with some close girlfriends. French Toast, Benilli's, and your best girlfriends...sounds like a blast to me!!


Have a family dinner every Sunday with my Sis, Nawnaw, hubby and Son.


Wash my face twice a day.. terrible I know. I ALWAYS wash my face at night, but normally fail to wash it in the morning. Our mornings here are so crazy, except for Monday.. that's normally our stay out at in the country day..

SO Twice a day.. everyday. all your life.

Have You made any goals for this month? If leave me your URL in a comment and i will check yours out too!!