Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I dont believe I have ever heard of your blog...

Okay Lads.

Its about to get serious around this ol' bloggy..I'm tired of sucking, my views being low, no comments. hell I could go on with this.. 
No pity party for me. please. save it for someone who will care, because well we all know
whose fault it is...Mine.
I have lacked in the blogging department, I got into this funk.. and just forget about it, or had nothing to say. After my mom passed I felt like I had no left to say..I was empty inside...she always read my blog, always loved it, and always encouraged to keep it up.

Well I failed her by not staying with this blogging over the past year.
Like I said things are changing, new blog, new me, and there will be a new look on this blog soon.

Next week I will be full force with blog post from now on!

Let me introduce myself in case u forgot me or new to this blog.


I'm Amy. I'm a twenty something whose live in Texas, born and raised.
I grew up in a small rural town. Where everyone is humble, you know everyone, and someone can spread gossip faster then the speed of light.

I went to graduated High School, then got engaged soon after, soon after that ditched the
douche bag and never looked back.
Soon then, I let love find me I quit looking and started focusing on Me and who I should be.

A few one night stands later, years later I found Rusty. We lived up those 6 months of being ourselves, and soon after along comes a surpise...a little blonde baby boy.

Soon after that we became enegaged and then soon after that I started this blog. At first, I was wanting this blog to be based on DIY Crafts, my wedding, and on marriage. Now, I would say its a little of all. So Lifestyle anyone?
I have talked about everything from loseing my Mom to the birth of my new nephew

So, Now u have "heard" of my blog. So why don't ya grab your self a glass of wine and stay awhile..