Friday, August 30, 2013

School is now in session..

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School has started in most states, and some are still relaxing and enjoying that last weekend of Summer.

Slayde started his 2nd year at a local preschool. He attends school only a half a day, but manages to fill that little brain of his with so much knowledge. His favorite part of school is getting a new “Awesome” backpack as he told me. Oh, does anyone else’s child also seem to “forget” what they did at school that day? Weird, mine too.

He does enjoys coloring and cutting, because when he can cut with scissors that means he is a big boy now. The good thing about this year him going to school again is that his little lady friend

Emma Jo is accompany him accompanying him this year so now I know, he will at least have one friend to get in trouble with, hang out with during recess/centers whatever it is they do..


Seriously, I can never get these two to take a normal photo..

Miss Emma Jo, is like my adopted daughter, this little love bug loves her Swade and Ameme, (my nickname apparently)

These two together could proably take over the town, because taking over the world is jut too much work Slayde has said once before, where do they come up with this material?


I will tell you one thing. They do grow up fast. SUPER fast. Sometimes I wonder where the time went and how I managed to raise such a sweet and smart young man.

I hope Slayde you continue to grow into a smart and wonderful young man. Always always, treat everyone equally. Never give up on your dreams to become a “dragon” and always love.



With that being said, we are packing up for a weekend at Possum Kingdom lake!

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love ya later Dollllls!