Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Those infamous VMA'S

Did anyone watch the VMA’s over the weekend?

I’ll admit it, I  did. Also, I was thinking Why Miley, Why?

If you watched the VMA’s Sunday you may already know what I’m about to show you.



One thing, maybe two things I would love to ask you Miss Miley.

1. Why was your tongue sticking out the whole entire performance?

2. Why did you keep grabbing yourself?


I, personally thought it was way too much. I didn’t seen any artistic view about the performance.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like her music I just thought it was a little to much for TV.

Okay, enough talk about that, what about N’SYNC bringing Sexy Back? I literally loved it, I was singing every song too.

Also, is it me or does Lil Kim look like Latoya Jackson?

Yes? No?

Well I had to do a double look, I thought it was Latoya and I thought the announcer just made a mistake, OOPs.



Also, let’s talk fashion.

Seriously, what is with the tounge Miley? I thought Katy Perry did perfect for the VMA’S, the slick pony tail completes the whole look. FAB



Loved the blue this year, everyone else seemed to as well.

I thought these were a little to dressy for VMA’s it was more of a Grammy Awards style. Like I should know, I attend them every year..just joshing.. but still I thought it was too "Glam" for VMA'S
Well I believe that's all she wrote today!!
catch ya on the flip flop!