Thursday, August 22, 2013

Things my child says..

this is kid.
Is Slayde, incase you haven’t meet him yet.
He says some pretty hilarious things that make me and Rust laugh till we pee our pants. Not really pee our pants, but you get the picture.
I decided I would write these humorous things down Slayde says and share them with you. I hope you get a kick out of these as much as we have.
- Us in the car discussing him throwing up in the car the day before
“Mom, yesterday in the car, I threw up like a volcano expoloded.” I answer with “I know son, I had to clean it up.”
-Dad and Slayde walking out the door to ride the tractor.
"Dad, Im ready to rock n roll, let’s move out”
-When Slayde spills something or if he accidentally throws something.
“Sorry Momma, my hands are crazy today.”
-When he is full.
“Mom, my stomach said it’s full.
-When he no longer wants to help clean up his room
“Mom, Im a dragon now, and dragon’s don’t have rooms, so I cant help you finish cleaning.
“My dog hand is back.” when he pretends he has a dog for a hand
and last but not least.
“Mom, (slaps me on the butt), you have a AWESOME butt.
thank you son, thank you.
Anyone else have a son who says random things, I know I sure do.