Monday, September 16, 2013

About Amy: My Job

I figured I would do a weekly series this week.
A week dedicated about telling you a little more about myself. I realized that I haven't really told you followers much about me and what I do in my life or spare time. So I figured hell might as well... so here we go.

Today I am going to talk about My Job.
I work at this local boutique here in town that has to New AND Gently worn clothes. When I say gently I mean no pit stains or stains at that matter, no holes, must be within trend etc..

I LOVE my Job, no really. I really do LOVE my job. I normally work Wednesday- Saturday from 11:00- 4.

We have so many awesome things at Chloe's, we have one of a kind pieces with try to find within the New clothes and the used clothes. I know sometimes I see people turn their nose when I say used, but Not me. I love shopping, whether be at a  thrift shop or at a high end shopping mall. I love it, I love the thrill of finding something that no one else will have.
For example:
These lace boot socks/toppers...
 So many colors!!
So fab right, I cant wait to wear a pair in the winter over my jeans and with my riding boots and my booties.
We also started carrying Bob's last June. We have so many styles, and can order any other pair you like that we don't have. I personally have a few of these Bob's they are great for casual wear.
 These Bob's right here are lined with this thick fur stuff for the winter months!
My most favorite part of working here is that my Boss is the best, I get first dibs on the clothes, and I get to style Women and make them feel so much better about themselves. I have talked so many people into things they would never wear, I teach them that it is okay to go out of your comfort zone. Experiment and be creative so you can find out what fits you best.
This little lady was styled by me. I just cant help it, i love leopard.
 Also we have some AMAZING Jewelry here at Chloe's


Have  you ever heard of YMI Jeans? Let tell you about these babies.
We carry two styles.
First I will tell you about  "Wanna betta butt" Skinny Jean.
I put these on and thought to myself. WOW, these really do give u a better butt. I Failed to take a snap shot of the before and after. Please forgive. (Ill try to do that soon) This feel so comfortable on, they don't fit tight like normal jeans do. They have some stretch in them but, the next pair I will talk to you about have the most amazing stretch.


These babies are the best color skinny jean you could ever get! The price is so reasonable @ 25.00 per pair, these HYPER STRECTH Skinnies are so amazing you can even go down a size, (they come in XS-S-M-L) I own a pair of the mint green for spring. We recently got in fall colors. We have Coffee, Charcoal, Emerald, Green Ivy, and Maroon.
I'm serious girls when I tell you these are the most comfortable, flattering, most stretchy jeans ever!!! These are totally a must for your closet!!!

I hope you enjoyed the first installment of About Amy, tune in tomorrow for About My Family!
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mad love to my followers!!

xoxo, Amy