Wednesday, September 18, 2013

All About Amy: Mi Familia

First off I want to say, I have been very blessed in the family department. Having a great family that always believed in Me, supported me, and most of all loved me unconditionally. I also have some AMAZING In laws that continue to keep the love growing for our small little family.
First person on my list is my Nawnaw. This lady right here, is by far on the strongest women I have ever KNOW or met! She has been throught it all, losing her one true love, and losing her first born daughter (my mother.) She has taught me only the weak get weaker and the stronger get strong. She picks up my son from school when I work, and I know my son truly loves this woman as much as I do..He loves his Nawnaw so much he tells me. The day she leaves us will be the day I will loose another part of my heart. She is my rock, my strength, and my guidance.
I love you Nawnaw
On too this lady. This beautiful woman (on the left) I get to call my Mom. Although she is not with us anymore, her spirit lives on. My son, who was 2 when she passed away. Talks about her acknowledges that she was her and asks me everyday where is "Sugie"? I try my best to keep myself contained and explain things to him. It's hard tho, you never really know much you could miss someone, until you loose your Mom. This woman taught me to be a better Mother, Wife, and sister. Thank u mom, for all the love and wisdom you gave me over the 25 years we got to spend together. I love you and miss you more then words can say.
This little LOVE BUG!
I'm so so grateful I got to become an Aunt this year! His name is Griffin and sticking his tongue out is his game. I tell ya, this little muffin cutie is the sweetest ever, ALTHOUGH my sister has been depriving me of him since he hasn't felt well lately. I miss this little guy and I'm most certain he misses me just as much!

These two are his parents.
Dylan and Emiley.
Emiley is my sister and obviously Dylan is the brother in law? Well their not technically married but pretty much might as well be..Although me and Emiley are 7 years apart we still have a great bond with each other.
We both can count on each other for anything, well most of the time I can count on her, but you know. Younger sister's are the brattiest ;) Let me tell you she can give a mean right hook. :)

this man...what can i say he is all mine.
 What do i say about him. Well he is an Electrican, he likes to say he is "The Electrican". Honestly tho, he loves his job. He works hard to make that paper money for his family. He can make you laugh but most of the time sometimes makes me want shove a dildo up his ass. Other then that, he is an AWESOME Dad, can fix ANYTHING, and works hard and loves hard for his family. What more could a girl aask for? Oh, I know. An unlimited supply of vodka. yep, thats it.
Then there is this little guy.
(I saved the best one for last) 

This little Boss is four, going on 16. He knows what he wants and he wants it now. He
loves kisses hugs and going to school "to feed his brain with smarty pants". He says the craziest things and loves to drive the four wheeler. He recently informed me he wants to build houses and realllllly TALL buildings so he can use a Crane.
He really does make me so happy, and I would do anything in this world to protect him. Just thinking of somethign terrible happening to him makes my stomach cringe. With that being said, ask Slayde would say. Let's ROCK N ROLL BABY.

(disclamier: sorry this was not published yesterday, I must have forgot to set the post to be schedule, so today you get double the pleasure of posts.)