Thursday, September 19, 2013

All About Me: My Favorite (in the whole world)

I know this is a boring one, but i want to let you in on my mst FAVORITE things I have used for years or own.
Dove Hair Therapy, Nourishing Oil Care, Detangler
I use this stuff everyday. It makes your hair soft, silky and nurished. This is a must in your beauty product bin.
Molly McButter
This RIGHT here in the best shit on planet earth. It proably isn't greatest for me but, i literally "Put that shit on everything"
Go to the store get you some and try it now. I prefer it on noodles, gluten free.
Absolutely Adorable Ankle Bracelets and Toe Rings - Let your feet get in on the fun with these DIY anklets and toe rings!
Ankle bracelets, I love wearing these, I mean we all love some jewelry. So why not. Me and Beth swear we will bring this back next summer. You see our little town, needs some trendsetters. We like to think we can do that. 
I love love Denim shirts, vest, shorts. Ok, i just love denim all around. But, these button down are my favs. Oversized or fitted perfect for a casual chic Outfit
Family Feedbag: Garlic dill pickles; put a 1/8 tsp alum into each of your jars, and instead of a water bath, put them into the oven at 200 degrees for ONE HOUR ONLY! Using the same 2 part metal lid system. Works like a charm!!!! Super crunchy dills.
Pickles! I have been obsessed with these things since i can rememeber. If we dont have any in the fridge i immediately go get some.
Ok I'm not that dramatic, but you get how I feel about them.
Victoria Secret Perfume | wear Pink by Victoria Secret perfume
My favorite scent EVER. Anyone know where i can get this stuff? Victoria Secrets doesnt have it anymore, atleast at the stuff i go to they don't.