Monday, September 23, 2013

What is a true friend?

I had someone like this in my life, and one day I just realized I'm out! LOL

What is a friend to someone these days? I'm not saying I am the perfect friend either, but to the ones I call my "best friend" I am pretty damn good friend to them. I have made some mistakes in the past to a couple of my "friends" that they are unwilling to forgive me for, which is perfectly fine to me. As for the others that I did nothing too and they hold a grudge. f*** ya, ill feed ya fish heads.
Either you can forgive and move on or forgiving is not in your vocab.

When do us women finally realize holding onto something does nothing but make us bitter and unhappy until we can finally let go of what we hold onto for so long.. No matter what it is, forgiving will always help with the healing process. Although forgiving doesn't always mean let's pick up where we left off, hey, its a start.
 Don't get me wrong I have plenty of wonderful "friends" and only a handful of friends I call my best friends. I have had many friends come and go. I still have those friends that I grew up with since we where small hood rats running the streets. I do know I am thankful for all the great girls that have came into my life and left, I have learned so much from those friendships whether they ended badly or we remain friends.
Today I am happy to say, I accept who I am as a friend. Although I made my mistakes I am only human and learning how to make my statement in the world. Whether it be through this blog, friendship or whatever my little heart desires.
 I plan on making something good come out of a bad situation.
p.s. The photo above, as soon as I seen this on pinterest, I realized this too is something I had learned through my friendship which inspired this post