Friday, September 27, 2013

Halloween came early….



Okay, so I may be a little early with decorating for Halloween, I figured hell, why not, fall has arrived and why not embrace my inner mother.

You see my mother was obsessed with decorating for the Holidays. It doesn’t matter what holiday it was she decorated for them ALL, if it is one thing my mom left for me in her legacy, it was embrace family and the holidays. 

After Mother passed most of her decorations had been left at my Nawnaw’s house in Rubbermaid storage bins.

So while we were getting ready for the garage sale this weekend I decided to grab the bins to take home. So when Slayde was continuously asking me if it was Halloween,  so finally I said Yes,and told him “let’s get to decorating shall we?” without missing a beat my son says “yeah baby, and slaps me on my rear. Wonder where he got that from?



here kitty kitty….

I have about a bazillion of those little skull heads. So therefore, they are everywhere in the house.



Can anyone guess what I am watching?

My husband isn’t a fan of the “artificial cob webs. He self proclaims that we dust them for a reason.


Also, that wicker like pumpkin has orange lights wrapped around which they don’t work. Does anyone know an electrican?



again more skulls.

My Halloween festive tree!

Me and Slayde made the pumpkin last year.



I just love love my owl planter, it sets off the Fall vibe perfectly for our living room. Have I ever told you guys I'm a ONE of those crazy plant ladies, only inside plants though..I’ll be posting about this week.

Oh, hey little spider.


Have YOU started decorating yet for Halloween?

I love to decorate for every holiday and tend to go big or go home during Christmas.

leave your link in profile if you have any Halloween DIY ideas!!