Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Has anyone ever heard of this before?

Basically, its a review website,

go here to check it out (if you want an invite shoot me a comment and ill be happy to send you one!)

What you do is  take these numerous surveys in different types of categories.

Anywhere from Eco Friendly to Food Junkie, and in these different categories there are about 6 or 7 different surveys you can take. The cool thing about this is, while your taking these surveys you get a "badge" score and gives you a chance to receive a VOXBOX.

This voxbox is different every month and contains different things to review. But, not EVERYONE gets a voxbox every month.

Here is what was inside my voxbox!


Seriously amazing huh?

All these stuff for free for me to review.

Ill be rating everything between 1-5 meaning FIVE the best!

Soo lets get started shall we?



I figured I would let my son, do the review for this one. So while I was cooking supper I made him some of this Annie’s mac n cheese.

At first I was like he isn't going to like this because it is “rice pasta.” Much to my surprise he really liked it. I loved that it was gluten free, and ALL natural. Seriously though,

I know when some foods say all natural there are a few things in there that is not “natural” but this my lady friends is right up your alley if you’re a gluten free/organic eater.

All in all I would rate this a 5, only because  my son couldn't get enough of this mac n cheese


next on the list is..


(awe who is that cute couple in the background?)

Pond’s Luminous Finish bb+ cream.


They sent me two, one is light and the other is medium

The light was to light and the medium was too dark so I mixed them together for a perfect shade!

This is like a tint/LUMINOUS cream for your face. Let me tell you my face is pretty damn luminous today!

this BB cream retails for 9.99. TRUST ME, it is worth it!

It makes your skin look like you have no imperfections, just a prefect photo finish face.



I never really have a problem with my feet, but I figured I might as well test them out since I have them.

I probably would normally wear these when I wear heels just so they will help with comfort.  So I opted to test them out today with my little oxford flats.

I must say, they make walking so much more comfortable. I just thought my feet wear fine without wearing these, but these babies are going in my shoes EVERYDAY!






This was my last to review, and I ate it this morning on the way to take Slayde to school.. I love that it has 20% of your daily fiber you need.

So far It has kept my belly full. Normally I would get hungry right about now if I had eaten a nature valley bar, but this bar keeps you full and energized!



Would you like to join influenster to see what the buzz is all about and win you’re a free #voxbox? leave me a comment below and Ill shoot you an invite!