Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Crazy Plant Lady..



   That would be me alright, I suppose its something you readers don’t know about me.

I love plants, mainly indoor plants, because I seem to always forget to water the outside plants and the Texas heat + forgetting to water = death for your plants. I have brought a few back to life, for starters the top photo and I’m working on this little baby.


The sad part is, I only know the name of one of the plants and its pretty much the most common one.

Ivy. HA maybe I’m really not the “crazy” plant lady but just a country girl who loves her INDOOR plants.

I have plants everywhere. In mine and rust room, living room, laundry room and even Slayde’s room.

The plus about “indoor” plants

you don’t have to water everyday and that need at least hours of sun. EASY.  



(this little ivy I started from a wee baby leaf!)


That canister jar holds all the wine corks I have drank this year. I plan on making us a wine cork matt for the bath room .




I love this plant I know its just an ivy but it means a lot to me, my good friend Steph gave it too me.




There are many reasons indoor plants are good for you.

They clean air for us every minute of the day.

House plants absorb up to 87% of those nasty volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that hide in ordinary house products, like paints, carpets, and computer inks.


Anyone can grow a houseplant, really.



Houseplants connect us with nature on the daily.

House plants help us think better, seriously. Put a house plant next to your desk and the creativity will start flowing…so they say.



This turtle holds my Morning Glory’s I planted a few weeks ago I'm hoping to have a vine growing all around my front window!


my sweet owl planter, this little guy was giving to me during my Bridal shower from my best friends from High School. Katie and Mollie. love you girls!


Also, every two weeks or so I will add Epsom salt to my mixture of water. This helps give them nutrients they need. 


Let’s just say if anyone wants to get rid of any indoor plants bring them to me..

Also, if you have any other tips and tricks for me let me know!!

hope you enjoyed my plants!!





P.S. It’s October you know what that means. #PINKOUTFORBOOBIES