Monday, October 7, 2013

Dear Me: A Letter to My Beginning Blogging Self

Dear Me,

Welcome to the world of blogging! You are about to embark on a amazing journey, the blogging world allows your meet some many new people, new adventures and even free stuff. So here are a few tips I should let you in on. While you are embarking on this new adventure in your life.

Don't overly use tags! Keep it too a minimum, you want to be able to go back to your "old post" so you can always use those old favorites that you wrote "back in the day." i.e. in my opinion, family, friends. you get it. simple is better.

Please turn the music off, or at least let the reader be able to choose if they want to listen or not.

If no one is commenting its OKAY! It takes time for your blog to make its way in the blog world. Enjoy not very many people commenting, once your blog is a hit, you will have so many comments you wont know what to do.

USE MEDIA! It is AWESOME way for your material to get out, and a even better way to meet new bloggers including IRL friends!

Don't EVER let anyone tell you what to do about your blog. Whether it be for you change your "brand", blog name, or tell you that your post is inappropriate and you should delete your whole blog. Um NO, it's your blog not there's, they just continue to come back and read your blog.

You many lose followers because of your material. That's fine, you just weren't their cup of tea.
So many blogs out there will love you just as much as you love the blogs you follow.

Most of all be TRUE to you and to who you are as a person and friend. If someone tells you to change yourself or your blog, they never understood who you where anyways.

ENJOY this experience. You will have ups and downs, and days where you will have bloggers block. You can do it! Just breathe and let the creativity just flow.

Future ME!