Friday, October 11, 2013

State Fair of Texas

Recently, me and the boys went to the State Fair of Texas. Wednesday’s are the day people, bring 3 can goods get in for $3.00. So off we went with our can goods in tow.
See, I have never, hell, my husband hasn’t ever been. So, therefore we didn’t know how the “fair” thing worked out.
Do you know? Well here is the low down, incase your planning a trip and have never been.
You use coupons and game cards, which isn't so bad unless your at a game station and your short, by two points or whatever there called.
All in all it was a fun trip and we planning on going back again sometime in the future.
Here is an abundance of photos I took of the trip.
Slayde in the mist of random photobombers.
Just arriving and cant contain his excitement!
At the entrance and figured it was time for  few Mom and Slayde pictures.
SAM_0229 - Copy
My pre snack before the all day walk
Checking out the water
Slayde, what are you looking at? Never a perfect photo with this little child.
My town was named after ol’ Jim Bowie. Go to someone's house here and I bet you they have a Bowie Knife. Hey, my Nawnaw has one so I figured everyone has to have one.
Poor poor Big Tex luckily he is easy to replace. Winking smile
Big Tex’s belt.
Believe it or not, my son took this photo.
Now, it was time for the rides and games. Let’s just say the museum tours were NOT his favorite.
We never thought we were going to get him away from all the rides and games. Why do fairs or carnivals at the matter feel the need to repeat the same game stands over AND over.
Like there will be 10 ring toss (different bottles of course) 10 pop the balloon games, 10 pick up the duck/bear/whatever animal isn't taken out of the water and instantly ALWAYS when a prize.
Then you have 15 basketball games, you get the point? Its nonsense I tell ya.
This kid is OBSESSED with tractors, I believe this was his favorite or was it the airplane ride. I cant remember.
LOVE this photo of Slayde
Men working. Figured I should take photos of this working there asses off.
By the way we were in the Skylark. It takes you across the fair from point A to B.
Last  night as I was making this post I told Slayde, he needed to smile when I take photos, smh. my child.
Me and the Hubs. BECAUSE, Real Men wear PINK!
The remains of BIG TEX. So thought to leave nice little notes and bears to the ol’ guy.
Believe or not. We didn't try a SINGLE fried food. I really don't know why we didn't, although I did have a few Bellini's. Next time though we are going hard on the fried food.