Wednesday, November 20, 2013

{Product Review} Easy Canvas Prints


A month ago I was recently I was asked to do a product review on Easy Canvas Prints.

I didn’t hesitate and agreed to do the Review. Two reasons why I agreed so quickly.

One. I have been wanting to order a Canvas and Two. Made in Texas, (SIDENOTE: I will support any product made in Texas)

I knew immediately I had two photos in mind. .


Our Family Photo Circa 2010


(taken by: Pixel Perfect Photography)

  2  yr old photo of Slayde.

Even thought Slayde is 4 now. I simply can’t help but love this photo of my sweetheart, it’s one of mine and my husbands favorite!


okay on to the Canvas Review.

I ultimately picked the Family Portrait of us.

I went to 

I then selected which size I wanted, I picked up an 8x10. Also if you are ordering multiply canvas. There is also a photo reference of a living area so you are able too see how it all looks together when you are selecting multiples and various sizes.




While ordering my canvas it was all so simple and easy.


Also, I didn’t pick the rush shipment just the 8-10 business days. I ordered the Canvas on a Wednesday and received it on THAT Friday!



here is the finished product!!


(please forgive me for the LOW quality of the photo my camera has broken and only have my cell phone. )



All in all I would TOTALLY use Easy Canvas prints any other time I need a canvas!


They are fast, easy and efficient! Also, they are from TEXAS Winking smile