Thursday, November 14, 2013

Real Housewives GIFs: MAKE ME LOL

I love the Real Housewives, although I only watch; Miami, Orange County & Beverly Hills.
I LOVE their GIFS, just as much... I know I always do a gif post on the Housewives.
They are just so damn funny not to share! :)
When Kim saw Lisa '"faint" on Dancing with the Stars.
I think this goes for us all?
me after this week
This is me, EVERYTIME.
me seducing your man
how I feel after the bottles of wine.

when I finally pass out, I pass out gracefully.

Oh my is Lisa, really that stressed?

Gotta love NENE.

Juss letting you and your wig be, girl.


Nene, don't have no time for that.