Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Baby Stella

So as we all know Baby W is officially a Girl. She officially now has a name too, Stella Kaye. Rusty came up with Stella and I ended it off with Kaye in memory of my Mom, sidenote: I miss miss my mom so much, having daughter without her here is the same as if she was here. This pregnancy has been an easy one except for me getting the stomach bug. That shit was for the birds.  . so glad that I'm better and feeling 1000% me. Now here I am in my thrid trimester on my 8th Month . Waiting to paint rooms, move rooms around, get things set up for baby and rest as much as I can. You forget how much it takes to prep for such a small person coming into your life. Oh and those shoes I posted a pic of are the first purchase for Miss Stella. I don't know about any other mom that's a mom to a soon to be daughter but, shopping for your little sweet innocent girl is overwhelming. So many things to pick. SO.MANY.

Amy Lee