Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday. Finally.

It's Friday Y'all!
Which means you get to enjoy your weekend with alcoholic beverages. Unlike me. I will wait until this lite human of mine comes into the world. I don't think mixing alcohol and pregnancy would be my best parenting choice.

This weekend is packed full with a weekend of painting and getting things ready to move Slayde into our spare room. . and my husband has a new nail gun he has been dying too use, so maybe I can finally get him to fix the window he cut out in the middle of our living room 2 YEARS AGO. Fixed finally. We also have to make a time travel box for a friend for her upcoming baby shower. Rusty says he is going to build it. . better get busy honey. It is going to be a long weekend for you!

Although, I will be knee deep in paint. It will be all worth it seeing my precious baby boy smiling from ear to ear because he now has a blue and green room!

On another note: My very best best friend Tori will be here today. She lives in Austin and we prolly see each other 5-6 times a year. So when she comes to town, it is a must to clear my schedule.. So my haircut is postponed for tomorrow. I still haven't decided on a cut but I am confident it will be something completely different! Ekkk. . maybe I should give me a dye job too because these grey hair won't hide themselves!!!

Amy Lee