Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Shower for Stella.

Over the weekend I was blessed to have such a wonderful, beautiful, love filled shower Sunday.

I can not express my feelings enough on how I am so Thankful all these lovely ladies did for me and Stella.
I was beyond measures on what they did for me and Stella. I can truly say that I have some wonderful people in my life ad truly care about me and my family!

Everything was gorgeous from the decorations to the cake to the little diaper baby and the diaper cake was all just beautiful!

I want to thank each and everyone who came and sent a gift. 
Thank you so much. Your generosity is so much appreciated.t

Too all the hostess, Thank you so much from the bottom to the top of my heart. 
THANK YOU! You ladies are amazing women and I am so happy to have each and everyone of you in my life! I LOVE YOU ALL!

Here a a few photos I took from the day. Another girl had taken some more photos, she just hasn't posted them yet. I totally forgot to get a photo of all the hostess! please forgive me ladies.

That cake tho.. it was so beautiful and DELISH!!!

I know my belly button sticks out there like a sore thumb!

Me and Wyndy! Thank u Wyndy! Love you!

The BEAUTIFUL diaper cake my second mom Darcie made! I LOVE YOU DARCIE!!

Gifts for Stella!!

MY best friend in the whole wide world! LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU TORI!

This little thing right here, was by far my favorite. She is made out of diapers! Isn't she the cutest little diaper baby EVER?
 Oh and that's a little preview picture of the bedding!

ONCE again, thank u thank you to everyone who helped, sent a gift and came to help me celebrate this new life coming into our family
We are so grateful for each and EVERYONE of you!