Friday, May 9, 2014

40 Weeks. No baby yet..

Thursday was my 40 week notch. But, today May 9th, is my official due date.
I feel good, except I caught sinus infection and I have been having contractions since yesterday.

Let's just say I am READY.
Although, I am going to miss her movement in my belly. 
I wont miss my hip hurting everyday. I literally feel like I need a hip replacement. 
I do know, I cant wait to meet my little Stella.

I am a little afraid of the birthing process, although, I have done this before its been awhile since I just popped out a baby. . five years to be exact.

Plus, my doctor is out of town this weekend and i knew as soon as he told me on Tuesday he would be gone this weekend, my sweet angel child would decide to make an appearance. But, that's ok, nothing like a strange doctor checking out all your goodies down there. Let's be honest, I haven't how it looks down there in months, so I am positive no one has time for that!!

We still havent finished her nursery which is fine, all we need to do is paint her dresser and add a few things to her walls. Which can be done while she is here or not. Not a big deal honestly..she isn't going to come out demanding me to finish her room. . but then again. .

I should post my belly since this will be the last time I or anyone ever sees me with a bump. Maybe i can post a before and after when she gets here?We shall see. . 

Well, the next post, should be Introducing Miss Stella, unless she just wants to stay in my womb forever. Thank the good lord, that WONT happen.