Friday, August 1, 2014

20 Random Facts about Moi.

1. I always have my nails painted 99.9% of the time.
2. I can't stand leaving dishes in the sink before I go to bed. They all must be washed and put up.
3. Mine and Slayde go to show when nothing is on. Is Cops. Teaching him what not to do.. Is the key.
4. I don't like odd numbers. They freak me out.
5. When getting out of the shower I immediately put on cocoa butter lotion.
6. I'm obsessed with watermelon at the  moment. watetmelon water. Watermelon lemonade. Watermelon And Champs. Or just watermelon.
7. I am humble.
8. My bed has to be made, Every morning.
9. I would rather pay it forward. Then receive anything in return
10. If I could travel to anywhere it would be to Bora Bora.
11. Patron Tequila is my favorite liquor.
12. My favorite thing to drink is water with mint and lemon.
13. I have a green thumb for indoor plants.
14. Being a mom is one of my greatest accomplishments.
15. I get told I look like my mom on a daily basis.
16. My favorite smell is my Nawnaw. (Caesar's Woman)
17. I'm slowly learning how to capture a great photo.
18. I can make a mean Chicken Spaghetti
19. I am so not ready for Slayde to start school. only because I'll have to wake up at the crack of dawn. Not that I already don't.
20. If I could go to college for anything it would be Chef School. 

I'm obsessed with Smallville. On the 3rd season and I can't get enough. I dream about Me and Clark Kent on a daily basis.