Thursday, August 14, 2014

Happy 3 Months Stella!

Three months has already passed since you have made your first appearance to the world. Not a day goes by I think of how blessed I am (ugh I hate using "blessed" because I feel it is over used but, I'll make another post on that later on.)
So here is a word from the star of the post.
Hey Y'all, Stella here. Life is good these days I get my milk on tap and sleep in or go the bed as late as I want. I get pretty ticklish when you change my diaper or my onesie.
I have found these things my mom calls hands. . I love to laugh and smile at my brother when he dances to his favorite songs.
My mother is always putting these big colorful things on my head. Which I could care less about. I also enjoy a good bath and a good nap too.  I try to talk but, I really don't they understand me yet. .all in all my life is good and easy. I wonder what the next month will bring me? Maybe, steak and potatoes?