Monday, August 18, 2014

School a week.

5 years has gone by and I now have myself a kindergartner. I didn't think this day would ever get here but, it has. Although Slayde has been to pre k for the last two years. It was only from 8:30 to noon.
Normally I would do a morning workout, rest or do errands I needed to get done for that day. But. Now, it's all day in a classroom. . I literally have dreaded this day.
Don't get me wrong I am so happy for this milestone but, also so sad, cause there is no stopping him now. Next he will be playing pee wee football and having the girls cheer for him then he will be driving before I know it.

I feel like I am a nervous wreck about him going too school. I ask myself questions like.

"Will he be okay, all day long?"

"I hope he eats the lunch I pack him."

"Will he make friends the first day?"

"Will he sit in his desk throughout the lesson of the day. Or will he get bores with it."

I really should worry less.

But. Then again I wouldn't be a mom if I didn't worry about him. When deep down inside I know he will do great and make so many friends he will know what to do with. I mean everyday I get asked "is today a school day?" No, only 6 more sleeps son. Only six more. Seesh. Seems crazy to think I'll have a son in school. But, I will and things only get better from here. I may or may not be a ball bag that day. (Most likely I will shed a few tears) but, I will know he will have more fun then he would staying home with mom.

Anyone else have a child going to kindergarten this year?

How will you handle it?

Will you embrace it or just be a total sob fest?