Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Finding my creativity!

Lately. I have lacked in the creativity department... But, lately I have been have blog posts just come out of nowhere. Right now I have about a half a page of posts that I need to get out. So starting Monday I'll have a week full of posts. . ****I'm going to warn you.**** if you are easily offended, get mad about others opinions or if you just flat out don't like me. Stop what you are doing and don't continue to read my blog. I don't want to get a text, phone call, email or whatever it is you people do these days saying I offended you or pissed you off. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! I always say what's on my mind and feel this little space of mine should be real whether you agree or not. .

Also I can't wait to attend the Texas Woman's Blogger event in November. Whose all going??