Monday, November 3, 2014


Slayde has a loose tooth, actually, make that two loose teeth. My son has been patiently awaiting this day since the beginning of school when his friends started losing their teeth.

He asked me about a month ago when he was going to lose his teeth. I told him "well when they decide its time to leave your mouth."

Well yesterday when we were brushing our teeth. He said "oh mom that tooth hurts" I thought oh no, we have a cavity. Well after we brushed his teeth I took a look at the tooth and notice it was wiggling. I told Slayde, you have a loose tooth! I have never seen a little boy so happy over a loose tooth. He couldn't stop smiling and said "I can't wait to tell Mrs.Ward and my class!"
Both loose teeth are the bottom front teeth and my son is the happiest kid in Texas now. . knowing he is going to be losing his baby teeth!

Let's just hope the tooth fairy brings enough money to share with mom and dad.