Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Happy 8 Months, Stella Bug

Today marks 8 months of my sweet girl being in this "crazy" world with me and my boys. She has made my husband a softy and her brother even more loveable then he already was.
Stella, has finally started crawling and LOVES eating real food. Her favorites avocados and eggs. She also loves to drink whatever mom is sipping on, which is usually H2O or a smoothie..
Also, she has found her voice and knows when and how too use it too her advantage, with dad.
She loves her baths and her bouncer..she would probably bounce out of it if I would let her. She is always a happy baby, which makes it so much easier.
Also, how cute is this scarf I got for Stell. You can also get your little lovebug one. Just go check out Carrie or follow her on instagram @ the_bitsy_button