Friday, January 16, 2015

Vanderpump Rules. My thoughts.

This show is probably one of mine and my husband weekly date show, normally we watch separate shows. But, for some.reason he likes watching this with me. Maybe because he enjoys watching Kristen's crazy ass on Tv.

So, here I go...

Kristen- Girl, you are about as crazy as Kathy Bates in Misery. Tom is over you, don't you understand this. Yes, he may have said he still loved you,  but, I am sure at the VERRY bottom of his heart he does. He is over you and your crazy ass. Your plans to "try" and get Tom Sandy back are very far from becoming a reality. I also, don't understand all this hate towards Ariana, girl she is a 10, while your well....your just a 5. Shouldn't you be worrying about James and his Beamer Selfies?

Jax- Don't lie we all see through you. You were Gay once (no hate, I love my gays) and switched teams after moving to L.A. I knew there was something else about you and this week's episode answered that question for me. Also, your a VERY bad liar. How do you even get yourself in those messes? Oh, yeah your penis. That's it, that's all you know how to use. Because we all know which head is in charge.

Stassi- Really, you want followers not friends? Wtf is wrong with you. Maybe someone should give you a dildo dipped in acid. I know, I don't "follow" anyone (except for Twitter and iG). So why should Katie, be your little minion. How conceited can one be.... I am sure if I looked that in the Urban Dictionary it would say Stassi.

I seriously need to let that out there....

Whew, now I feel better.