Tuesday, January 13, 2015

New Year. New Me.

It's a New Year, so that means it must be New You too? Ever year I make resoultions and NEVER keep them. But, this year. Seems different, I'm a little more driven and in a better place in my life. I am happy with myself, with or without friends. I am living for me and my family. Not want others want me too be or say.

With that being said, here are a few things I plan on putting into my daily routine everyday.

1. Put down the phone, when slayde is home from school. Un Plug!

2. Eat better. No more Christmas tree cakes and brownies. Just put them down AMY.

3. Do yoga Atleast twice a week!

4. Cook two different meals and one new dessert a week. Like I said at number two, no more crap. Healthy dessert counts?

5. Buy more books. For me and Slayde. Read. read. read.

6. Spend one night Atleast a few hours with my husband alone. Date night, maybe?

7. Get active. This goes along with number 3. Quit being a lazy ass, Amy. You don't get toned by lifting the remote.

8. Stand up for what I believe.

9. Get more organized.

10. Try a new DO IT Yourself craft every week.

11. Be better at blogging.

12. Take more photos.

13. Enjoy the moment.

14. Don't let the pety crap bother me....brush that shit off your shoulder

15. Take Atleast 15 minutes a day too myself and be able to sit in silence. (hahaha yeah, right)

What goals have you set for yourself this year? So far I have accomplishes them all..except for the yoga and sit in silence part. Im not sure how ill pull that one off.