Friday, February 13, 2015

Simple and Cheap: Valentine's Day Teacher Gift

I always looking for cute a creative ways to give gifts or theme gift ideas. I came across a cute plastic medium size sundae bowl...and then I thought how cute would it be too fill this up with sweet little small girly things? I am not sure what his teacher is into, but I know for sure everyone loves a cute thoughtful gift.

So it started with the cute pink sundae bowl...then I added a few nail polishes. I picked up "Pure Ice" @ 1.97 each, I let. My son pick the colors- "Flirt Alert" (the pink) & Scream (teal color). I also went by the travel section and grabbed a hand lotion @ 97 cents and St Ives Apricot Scrub @ .97 cents. I figured she needed some lip balm so I grabbed the "Marvelling" Baby Lips in color Gleaming Coral. I believe that was $2.98...then I knew she needed a few more things to finish it off so I topped it off with a pack of gum and a "S" initial key chain. Since her first name starts with a S I figured why not... All together I belive it came out to be 13.00. Not including the tissue paper, which I already had at home!! So Next time you need an idea for a teacher gift. Just grab a few girly things toss it in a cute sundae bowl. Then BAM! INSTANT cute Teacher Gift, or any gift for anyone!