Monday, February 16, 2015

Weekend Recap.

Over the weekend we manage too maje a trip to East Texas to Lubbock to see "The Reed's". The ride there was pretty good with having a 9 month old. The scenery in Lubbock is nothing but FLAT land. You could see anything for miles. When we arrived. We settled in and the kids played. Me and Ash left to get supper for us and the kids. We figured the men could fend for themselves tonight. After we got home, Slaydes tummy was bothering him ( probably from all the junk food he ate at the Valentine Party and ride home.) He ended the throwing up and after that he seemed to feel better. * note to self: pack better snacks for Lubbock Trips*
Next morning, we got ready and headed to grab some lunch at Roadhouse. We ended up waiting a hour and a half to get a table, and after all the waiting our food wasn't the best we have had. My son, ended up falling asleep. After we got done eating us girls went on our way to do what we do best, shop. (We both have a daughter and son. So normally we take the girls and boys go with there Dad's)
We ended up hitting up Plato's Closet;
You guys don't judge I am cheap and love a bargain. I mean who doesn't these days? I ended up purchasing 4 tops, 2 pairs of jeans, a dress and a some J.Simpson sandals.

Total Cost.....drumroll please.........$ guys that was probably the cost of those J.Simpson sandals NEW seriously you guys that's a damn steal..

After shopping for ourselves we ended up going to Once upon a Child, another resale store. Found a pair a converse, two shirts and some dinosaur shorts for Slayde which he LOVED. Then found Stella four tops and 2 bows too match all for 38.00! Seriously... #winning. I hate paying a outrageous amount of money for clothes they will outgrow in a week, month or they will get stained or dirty. It's a waste of money and makes me depressed when I bought something they only wear once.  All in all I would say I did pretty awesome and still had money left over to spend on Sunday when we went shopping at the mall.

Which I did make a few purchases there..

The drive home was a little crazy my 9 month old just was not into riding in the carseat for 4 hours..the last hour..was non stop crying me back n forth from front to back seat. I literally had to have my hand on her head in order for her to be calm. All she wanted was Momma...

All in all it was a pretty good trip. Beside the land being flat as a board. Seriously, nothing to look at, no trees or mountains..

I love my little cove in the country Atleast we have scenery.....