Wednesday, July 15, 2015

10 Promises us Moms Never Keep.

Are you one of those moms who  promises their children something or you tell them that your going to do something and fail to do it? Well if your one of those moms, these promises should sound all too familiar to you. 

1. Telling your son you will bring him lunch, but end up forgetting because you got sucked into the world of soap opreas. Thanks alot Young and the Restless.  (Luckily I have a awesome sister who works at my sons school who came through for me)

2. Give me a minute or thirty which ever you can. But, most likely when we say give us a minute it means we will get back too you in a hour or two.

3. I promise there is no onions/veggies  in this pasta, meatloaf or whatever you cooked with veggies that night. So many times no Slayde that is not a onion in that taco meat. Well what is it? Cheese!  Cheese isn't clear Mom. *walks away*

3. I'm working out today. This might not fit all you moms, but, it does me and every Sunday I tell myself your doing yoga tomorrow- stretch weights and lots of things to have a awesome butt. Monday rolls around, and I do NOTHING! I mean seriously thirty minutes out of my day! This is something that i really need to improve on!

4. I am going to stay up past 10! Lame I know, sometimes I am asleep before 10. What has mom life done too me!!!

5. I'm just going to have one glass of wine.  Whether your day drinking with a friend or happy hour, we all think or at least say these words. Atleast I do and normally it ends up

6. I'll be ready in 15 minutes.
Haha NOT! More like an hour to an Hour & 1/2.

7. I'll be there in FIVE. Which in reality your still getting dressed, havent loaded the kids up. Hell, you probably haven't even brushed your teeth or hair yet.

8. We will come back and get the toy before we leave. This is always my go too, sad I know. But, my plan is not to spoil my kid, but make him humble, work for his $$ or toys. If he gets a toy it's only because I was in really good mood that day or he has his own $$. I don't want no spoiled brat that thinks life should be handed too them. Hince why my child doesn't have a ipad, nabi, cell phone or whatever is these parents think their 5 year olds need, he can borrow my iPad, wait I don't have one either.

9. If you clean your room, I'll go get you the biggest bag of M & M's ever. Okay, so I do end up finally getting him those M&M's BUT NOT the biggest bag.

10. And last but not least... how are babies born? You know mom, like how did Stella get in your belly to out here with us? Magic son, magic!