Friday, July 10, 2015

Dear Ariana Grande

Dear Ariana Grande,

   Really, with the donut licking? Looks like your problems just got a little worse. I understand if your a 4 year old but, a 22 year old? I am still trying to figure out the purpose of this, was it to spread the poison of hating America or the Donuts? Because honestly,  neither of those things did nothing too you.
I am still confused, on" Why you hate America and Americans" where are you from? Were you born here or did you walk over here illegally? AND now you WANT TO apologize? Lame, I don't want to hear that BULLSHIT. SERIOUSLY, maybe you should THINK before you speak Or even,at that before you start licking donuts. Like WTF! Where you high? Because I would have eaten the donut if I was. I liked your songs, but now I might have a problem hearing that stupid tune on the radio! And No I haven't watched your apology video NOR do I care to hear it. THIS IS AMERICA AND US AMERICANS LOVE OUR DONUTS. I hope they kill you off on Scream Queens this fall! If I was you I would go back to the donut place and buy all the donuts for that whole" licking" donut thing. But, as for you,"hating America." Well guess what your hair is ugly and GET THE HELL OUT OF OUR DONUT LOVING COUNTRY CALLED AMERICA!